About the Society of Christian Ethics (SCE)

The purpose of the Society is to promote scholarly work in Christian ethics and in the relation of Christian ethics to other traditions of ethics, and to social, economic, political and cultural problems; to encourage and improve the teaching of these fields in colleges, universities and theological schools; and to provide a community of discourse and debate for those engaged professionally within these general fields.

A non-denominational scholarly association, the Society of Christian Ethics draws its 950 members from the faculties of universities, colleges, and theological schools primarily from the United States, Canada, and Europe. The growth and vitality of the Society of Christian Ethics reflect the maturing of the academic discipline of Christian social ethics.

The SCE promotes research in the history of ethics and moral theology, theoretical issues relating to the interplay of theology and ethics, methodology in ethical reflection and investigation, and comparative religious ethics. At the same time, the Society addresses in national and global contexts problems in applied and professional ethics, and various human rights and social justice issues.


Membership in the Society is open to persons in the following groups: (1) college, university, or seminary teachers of Christian ethics or social ethics; (2) persons teaching in similar institutions in other fields who are concerned with the relation of Christian ethics to their subject matter; (3) persons whose full-time professional work in church, government, social agency or elsewhere is related to the purposes of the Society. 

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Call for Applications: Co-Editors of the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics

The Society of Christian Ethics seeks a two-person team or individual applicants to serve as Co-Editors of the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics for a five-year term, from January 2022-January 2027. The search for the next Co-Editors of the JSCE is now open. Members are invited to consider serving the Society of Christian Ethics (SCE) in this important capacity. 

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