Bring a Global Scholar to the SCE Annual Meeting

Our Global Scholars Program is one of the important strategic initiatives of the Society of Christian Ethics (SCE). Any member of the SCE, or group of members, may propose a non-member, international scholar to the International Scholarly Relations Committee (ISRC) for review as a candidate for the SCE Global Scholar Award. The SCE particularly encourages members to propose scholars from the global south. If selected by the ISRC, the SCE will waive the selected recipient’s registration fee and will cover coach airfare, hotel costs (single occupancy, three nights), and a stipend of $250 (for ground transportation, meals, or incidentals during the meeting)—provided the total cost does not exceed $4,000. (This money is drawn from donations designated for this purpose.)  Please note that the Society does not and will not apply for or pay for visas.  The Executive Director will, however, willingly issue a formal letter of invitation to support the scholar’s visa application.

Proposals from member sponsors are due Monday, March 18, 2024. They should be sent to the Executive Director Ellie See, at [email protected].  Please put 2025 Global Scholar Nomination in the subject line of your email.

To propose an international scholar for consideration for this award, please provide:

  • a letter affirming the standing of the scholar, the value of the scholar’s contributions, and the reasons SCE members would benefit from an opportunity to interact with this scholar
  • biographical information, including the scholar’s current contact information
  • a letter or email from the candidate indicating a willingness to attend the 2025 meeting in Chicago, Illinois, if selected for the award
  • a detailed 300-word abstract supplied by the candidate summarizing the argument the candidate would be willing to offer as a paper in a concurrent session

All of the information can be provided as a personal letter from the sponsoring member(s), with attachments.  It would be helpful to have an affirmation from the sponsor(s) that they intend to attend the annual meeting and would be willing to serve as the scholar’s host at the meeting.

All proposals will be considered by the full ISRC and reviewed as part of the budgetary process by the Board of Directors.  Sponsors submitting proposals will be notified of the decision before the end of April 2025.  The Global Scholar selected by the ISRC will, upon formally accepting the invitation, be recommended to the Program Committee for the 2025 meeting so that a concurrent session can be reserved for the presentation of the proposed paper. If you have any immediate questions about this program, feel free to contact Ellie See at [email protected]