International Scholarly Relations Committee

The International Scholarly Relations Committee (formerly the Global Research in Ethics Committee created in 2010), consisting of Presidential appointees, has the general charge of developing ties with scholars and institutions throughout the developing and developed world.

The Program Committee committee allocates and awards honoraria and travel expenses to invited international speakers, principally from the global south. Individuals or interest groups inviting the speaker is strongly encouraged to develop multiple speaking venues for those invited speakers with those venues sharing in the cost to and from the United States, in addition to any costs and stipends for activities at each venue. Prior to 2013, this was a separate committee. 

Christine D. Pohl's picture
Christine D. Pohl
Asbury Theological Seminary
Professor of Social Ethics


Jennifer Herdt's picture
Jennifer A. Herdt
Yale Divinity School
Associate Professor of Theology
David True's picture
David True
Wilson College
Associate Professor of Religion


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Simeon O. Ilesanmi
Wake Forest University
Associate Professor and Director


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William Schweiker
University of Chicago Divinity School
Professor of Theological Ethics


Ex officio:
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Andrea Taylor
Talley Management Group
Executive Director