Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, consists of the Presidential Cabinet and at least two members of the Board of Directors appointed by the President. The Executive Committee shall meet annually in the spring to conduct the important business of the Society and shall otherwise advise the Board in the discharge of its responsibilities. The Executive Committee shall have power to act, if necessary, for the Board of Directors between its meetings.  A quorum of the Executive Committee, defined as a simple majority of the appointed committee, is necessary for votes.

Past President

JamesKeenan's picture

James F. Keenan
Boston College


Bryan Massingale's picture

Bryan N. Massingale
Fordham University
Associate Professor of Moral Theology


D. Stephen Long
Southern Methodist University
Professor of Ethics

Vice President

Emilie Townes
Vanderbilt University Divinity School

KC Choi
Princeton Theological Seminary
Professor of Asian American Theology
MT Davila
DePaul University
Professor of Religious Studies
Jana Bennett's picture
Jana M. Bennett
University of Dayton
Professor of Religious Studies
Chair of the Department of Religious Studies
DavidCloutier's picture
David M. Cloutier
Catholic University of America
Associate Professor of Theology
Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty's picture
Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty
Bellarmine University
Professor of Theology
Chair of the Department of Theology
lincolnrice's picture
Lincoln R. Rice
Marquette University
   Ex officio
Andrea Taylor
Talley Management Group
Executive Director