Program Committee

The Program Committee shall have authority to determine the content of the program of the SCE Annual Meeting, with the exception of the SCE plenary speakers and conference theme, which shall be chosen by the President.  The Program Committee shall be chaired by the President and shall include the Presidential Cabinet (ex officio with voice and with vote) and one member (not necessarily a member of the Board) appointed by the president for that year only. The Program Committee shall also include the Editor or co-editors (ex officio with voice and with vote) and at least three additional members appointed by the President from the elected members of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors or, with the approval of the Board of Directors, the Program Committee itself, shall have the authority to include more participants in the selection process, provided that (1) the additional members be restricted to preliminary electronic voting only, (2) the additional members and the terms of their appointment shall be communicated to the membership as a whole, and (3) no less than 60 percent of the votes deciding the content of the program shall be cast by representatives elected directly by the membership as a whole.  Weighted voting may be used.

The Program Committee selects proposals and designs the program for the Annual Meeting, largely through a blind electronic ballot carried out before the Committee actually gathers in March or April. This selection process includes those serving on the Program Committee plus one vote from each of the Working Groups, the Women's Caucus, and the Students' Caucus.

Past President

JamesKeenan's picture
James F. Keenan
Boston College


Bryan Massingale's picture
Bryan N. Massingale
Fordham University
Associate Professor 

President Elect

D. Stephen Long
Southern Methodist University

Vice President

Emilie M. Townes
Vanderbilt University 


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Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty
Bellarmine University


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David M. Cloutier
Catholic University of America
Associate Professor 


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Jana M. Bennett
University of Dayton


KC Choi
Seton Hall University


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MT Davila
DePaul University
Aana Marie Vigen
Loyola University Chicago
Associate Professor


Andrea Taylor
Talley Management Group
Executive Director