Guidelines: Proposing a New Interest Group

Interest Groups enable SCE members to gather around a particular focus from meeting to meeting. They continue to exist only as long as that focus continues to draw interest; there is no obligation to continue them longer than they prove useful.

To encourage the formation of interest groups, the SCE guarantees an slot to each group which maintains a program from year to year. Interest groups must submit proposals each year, identifying a topic, relevant resources and the means of presentation. These proposals are not subject to the competitive evaluation by the Program Committee. Rather, all interest-group proposals are accepted, subject to the number of meeting rooms available.

Alternatively, an interest group might propose to meet during a concurrent session. Such a proposal would be judged competitively with all other proposals submitted.

After each annual meeting, the interest group should submit a brief report indicating what programming occurred, and what decisions, if any, were made about programming at the next annual meeting.

If an interest group decides to dissolve, notice of its imminent passing would be appreciated, so that room might be made in the next year’s program for another interest meeting.

If you are interested in forming an interest group, write a letter to the Program Committee and email it to [email protected]. Your letter should outline the purpose of the IG, provide a brief background, how it is different from other related groups already in existence, list the founding members and other members who have expressed support, and indicate who will be the one or two conveners of the group.

If you want your new interest group to have a slot at the next annual meeting, the due date for such a letter application is the proposal deadline.

Any questions? Please contact the office.